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What counts as a portion of fruit & veg?
Government guidelines suggest we eat at least five, and up to 10 portions of fruits and vegetables per day. 1 However, it can be difficult to know how to achieve this, and what a portion actually looks like.
One portion of fruit or vegetables is 80g. 2 The table below shows how much of the food you’d have to eat to get one portion. Some of them might surprise you, for example, you’d have to eat 20 raspberries to get your one portion, but only 1 slice of pineapple. 3
Fruit Portion size (equivalent to 80g)                                     
Vegetable Portion size (equivalent to 80g)
Blueberries 4 heaped tbsp        Broccoli 8 florets
Apple 1 medium apple                                
Leeks 1 medium leek (white portion only)
Banana 1 medium banana                           
Mushrooms 8 mushrooms
Avocado half a standard avocado              
Pepper half a pepper
Fresh cherries 14 cherries                               
Fresh spinach 1 cereal bowl full
Grapes 14 grapes                                            
Cooked spinach 4 heaped tbsp
Raspberries 20 raspberries                               
Cucumber 2 inch piece
Tomato puree 1 heaped tbsp                       
Onion 1 medium onion
Strawberries 7 strawberries                           
Celery 1 stick
Pineapple 1 large slice                                
Peas 3 heaped tbsp
Blackberries 9-10 blackberries                     
Sweet potato 1 medium
Fresh apricots 3 apricots                           
Radishes 10 radishes
Fresh figs 2 figs                                                   
Carrots 1 carrot
Fruit juice (100% unsweetened) 1 x 150ml glass 
Beetroot 3 baby whole, or 7 slices
Fresh or canned fruit salad 3 heaped tbsp   
Cauliflower 8 florets
Kiwi fruit 2 kiwi fruit                                    
Aspargus 5 spears
Lychees 6 lychees                                     
Beans (any type) 3 heaped tbsp
Fresh mango 2 slices                                  
Kale, cooked 4 heaped tbsp
If you’re struggling to get your daily portions, consider making a green smoothie with different fruits and leafy greens.
Try not to rely on fruit juices or smoothies, however, as these can get very sugary. Also, try not to overcook your vegetables as this reduces the nutrient content.
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